Gloucestershire leather repair services

Our Services in Gloucestershire

I offer a mobile service for professional leather cleaning, leather seat repair and car interior leather restoration throughout in parts of Gloucestershire. 

I repair and restore a wide range of common problems including worn bolsters and worn leather car seats along with tears in leather, restitching seams, vinyl repairs, recolouring stains, full car interior restorating including leather cleaning and conditioning/feeding.

I have been visiting customers in Gloucestershire and neighbouring Counties for over 20 years.

Areas we cover in Gloucestershire for Leather Repairs

  • Bilbury
  • Brockworth
  • Cheltenham
  • Chipping Camden

  • Cirencester
  • Lechlade
  • Northleach
  • Stow-on-Wold

Our Services

Leather Car Seat Repairs - Interior Car Leather Restoration and Repairs

Leather car seat repair to side bolster

It can be accidental damage or the result of wear and tear, for example, worn leather, scuffed leather, scratches or colour loss.  In some cases just the localised area needs to be restored such as a side bolster, door card or in other cases you may decided to have the whole interior restored.

Car Seat Repairs - Tear, Hole, Rip or Cigarette burn in Leather or Vinyl

Leather car seat repairs - vinyl car seat repairs - torn leather - tear in leather

If your leather or vinyl car seat has a  tear, hole, rip or cigarette burn in your car interior upholstery then often this can be repaired. 

Interior Trim, Door Cards and Steering Wheels to Leather and Vinyl

Car seat repair - steering wheel, door cards, interior timr

We not only repair leather and vinyl car seats but also can repair your cars interiors if they are scuffed or scratched this includes glove box repairs, door cards repairs, steering wheel repairs etc.

Leather Seat Stitching Repairs

Car Seat Repair - stitching and restitching repairs

Other adhoc repairs can be required inside your car including stitching repairs.  

Classic Car Seat Repairs - Full Interior Restoration


Our range of services vary from leather cleaning and conditioning, restoring localised areas, or for a full car interior restoration of existing interior leather or vinyl coverings.  Everything from a cherished Classic Car or daily vehicle.